First Medical Tourism Congress: “Argentina is a reliable and enjoyable Medical Tourism destination”

 The Congress, focused on quality medical service, will gather renowned medical and tourism professionals from all over the country

 On August 20 and 21, the Felix room of the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires will be host to the First Argentine Medical Tourism Congress, organized by the National Ministry of Tourism through the National Tourism Promotion Institute (INPROTUR), the Argentine Medical Tourism Chamber (CIAPSA) and the Argentine Tourism Chamber (CAT).

Over 20 national and international exhibitors, and more than 500 participants from all over the world will seek networking opportunities, proposals, trends, advice and synergistic actions with several players from the medical field.

The agenda of the Congress includes a series of lectures and activities featuring prestigious professionals on differing topics:  Medical Tourism strategic plans, Code of Ethics, Trends, Safety, Risks, Responsibilities in International Medical Tourism, Legal Issues, On-line Advertising, among others.

An opportunity to learn about different international variables, foster Argentine medicine and gain patients who turn to Argentina in search for better health care.

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More information on INPROTUR

The mission of the National Tourism Promotion Institute (INPROTUR) is to position Argentina as an international tourism destination in issuing markets, and turn it into a leading country in Latin America thanks to the quality and diversity of its touristic offer, based on balanced and environmentally friendly geographical developments, and on the identity of its population.

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More information on CIAPSA

The Argentine Medical Tourism Chamber (CIAPSA) aims at fostering the promotion and positioning of Argentine medicine to provide care for international patients, coordinate and implement synergistic actions with the different players involved in providing care to international patients and offer advice and institutional representation to the national institutions affiliated to CIAPSA.

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 More information on CAT

The Argentine Tourism Chamber (CAT) is responsible for representing, supporting and promoting the development of the tourism service industry in Argentina, both domestically and abroad, for which aim it will gather its different sectors and layers, respecting their own structure and objectives, and looking to promote the closest cooperation among the players of the tourism sector, and to become a spokesperson for their coincidences, issuing an opinion on all issues pertaining to tourism activities and policies.

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