La Posada del Qenti.

La Posada del Qenti

A healthy lifestyle and customized health services in a safe, calm, and exceptionally professional environment are available for each guest and patient. Leading personalities from Argentina and South America trusted Posada del Qenti to improve their quality of life.

Everyone at Posada del Qenti professional staff has the only aim of caring and improving quality of life in a specially warm and friendly atmosphere, enjoying nature at Córdoba province hills particularly pure with springs streams and beautiful landscapes within its own estate.


Starting with a clinical professional evaluation which gives the orientation on what the patient needs, Qenti recommends different health programs:

  • Weight Control
  • Stress Control
  • Cardiovascular illness Prevention
  • Condition Improvement of Diabetic patients
  • Health Check-up
  • Condition Improvement of Osteoarthritic patients
  • Beauty
  • Treatment therapy for smokers
  • Pre and Post Surgical Program
  • Age dammage control (Biological Rejuvenation)
  • Dental Service
  • Facial, body and dental cosmetics
  • Injuries Rehabilitation


Qenti Inn

La Posada del Qenti

Villa Icho Cruz, Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina


  • Ruta 14, km 14,5
    Villa Icho Cruz, Córdoba
  • 03541-495715 / 011-43076046
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